Mat 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. Mat 24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Anonymous Threatens The Government of Greece

Translated from the Greek: Citizens of Greece We are Anonymous. We watch every day your government abolishes the constitution and institutions of the country. We see them leading you closer and closer to poverty. We see them pass laws that deprive you of any right to dignity. We see them and deliver the country to the IMF and the bankers. We know about the soup kitchens in schools, for people who are left jobless and now wait in queues for a plate of food. We know that your country voted ACTA in your effort to silence and other Greeks. We know everything … The Republic in Greece has died. He died while a government that has not been elected by the people. And for this reason that the time for discussion came and went. Not negotiating anything with any of those who murdered him. Can you hunt as you like, you can even capture some of us, When you attempt to silence us … But for every one that will capture 3 others will spring up. There are 5 or 10 or 100. Now the Greeks are all Anonymous. We are millions against you and the 300 in this war tear gas will not help you. Occupying Government of Greece These days are going to vote for a bill that will be the last nail in the coffin of the Greek. A bill to return the country to a totalitarian rule. To bring the country and its people in absolute poverty. We will not allow another misery to the Greek people. We demand your resignation immediately, and elections. We demand not paid a cent to moneylenders ‘friends’ you. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the IMF from Greece. The Justice Department was only a small sample of what we’re capable of doing Even you have not seen the full wrath of Anonymous. For each article of a bill that would shame the vote, we will shut the system and deleting an Inland Revenue debts of Greek citizens Debts which requires them to fascist pay. Can the demonstrations of the Greeks to their encounter with incredible violence, anexelekta hitting, but the internet is our field. And I love this war. We are many and we will be brief. Citizens of Greece, Anonymous is now fighting on your side … Government of Greece, let us wait … E X P E C T U S ! J U S T I C E I S C O M I N G !Link


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